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Mass marketing is over: You cannot sell to someone you don’t know or understand. We get to know your community, intimately, and recommend communication efforts around what THEY want, not only what YOU want. It’s a win -win.

To influence someone to take action, sign up, buy, vote or attend, they need a very good reason to do so. This “call to action” must be relevant to them, targeted and based on their interests and needs, not only yours. We make a point of understanding who your target audience is, upfront, and then build our campaigns and messages around these insights. In so doing, we talk to the audience about things that matter to them, not only about what matters to you.


As a PR & Communications firm, we’re big fans of integration. Free editorial only gets you so far. To really make an impact it needs to integrate with e.g. Google Ads, SEO, direct marketing, advertising etc. Our core skills lie in creating earned media that gets shared – in online and traditional media and on social – but we’re just as happy to get stuck in with paid and owned media too.

Cultivate Communications Team

Meet Rebecca & Rebecca

No we’re not twins, but we may as well be. Rebecca Cronje, Cultivate’s founder, and Rebecca Atherstone, Cultivate’s Senior Communications Consultant are a two-for-one team who work across the business, complementing their wide range of capabilities to provide clients with a senior team that has extensive experience in PR. 


Both of us are big picture thinkers as well as seasoned writers, content creators and media liaison specialists. We also provide solid strategic counsel and run projects or retainers of any size, ensuring that we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. 


Our portfolio includes offshore investment experts, SME financiers Retail Capital, the not-for-profit StartUP Act initiative, a fast-growing digital bank, esteemed asset managers, fintech innovators, a renowned debt counsellor, marketing experts at the MMA SA as well as the South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA), including a number of other projects ranging from white paper development, research-led campaigns for the South African Customer Experience Report, to copywriting services and profiling senior leaders in their respective fields to further build their reputation as thought leaders. 


Both Rebeccas are extremely passionate about the PR industry and thoroughly enjoy working in the financial services and B2B space. Each has a history of PR experience that spans many years: Rebecca Cronje cut her teeth at Atmosphere Communications for close to 7 years and was the UCT GetSmarter PR Head Tutor for almost as long, while Rebecca Atherstone held positions at large PR agencies such as MSL, Publicis and Moon Walk – the erstwhile PR agency for Machine, where she managed PR campaigns for consumer finance business RCS. 


Together the ‘Rebeccas’ are a formidable team who thrive on creating PR- and content-led solutions for their clients and give their all for every project or campaign. 

PR aside, due to our experience and proactive education in owned and paid media, we work alongside digital marketers, social media professionals, website developers and other service providers to offer a 360-degree service that sees us work across a diversity of industries. This variety inspires us and allows us to do what we love every day of the week. 

Portfolio: Past and present clients