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Mass marketing is over: You cannot sell to someone you don’t know or understand. We get to know your community, intimately, and recommend communication efforts around what THEY want, not only what YOU want. It’s a win -win.

To influence someone to take action, sign up, buy, vote or attend, they need a very good reason to do so. This “call to action” must be relevant to them, targeted and based on their interests and needs, not only yours. We make a point of understanding who your target audience is, upfront, and then build our campaigns and messages around these insights. In so doing, we talk to the audience about things that matter to them, not only about what matters to you.


As a PR & Communications firm, we’re big fans of integration. Free editorial only gets you so far. To really make an impact it needs to integrate with e.g. Google Ads, SEO, direct marketing, advertising etc. Our core skills lie in creating earned media that gets shared – in online and traditional media and on social – but we’re just as happy to get stuck in with paid and owned media too.

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Meet Rebecca Cronje

In 2013, I left years of agency life at Atmosphere Communications to launch Cultivate. It began as a boutique PR shop, and in our first few years we partnered with great brands, B2Bs, businesses and professionals. But, in line with industry changes where the end user is the start of everything – Cultivate changed too, integrating with digital, social, content and branding teams and today our projects include a mix of lead generation, thought leadership, digital marketing, website design, SEO, stakeholder relations and PR.

As a senior communications consultant, I guide clients on how to positively engage their community, and call them to action. I’m comfortable working with CEOs and MDs, founders and marketing managers, or collaborate 1on1 with thought leaders to position them as industry experts. The Head Tutor of UCT’s GetSmarter PR course, I’m actively involved in the public relations profession and annually update learning material to align with global best practices and communication trends. Partnering with a network of skilled industry experts, I also personally manage clients’ communication needs, ensuring that recommended channels and creative deliver.

Portfolio: Past and present clients