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Cultivate Connection

In January 2023, Cultivate’s founder, Rebecca Cronje was invited by the femtrepreneur community, Xena Connect to present a talk about how to ‘Cultivate Connections: networking in a digital world’. The slides are here for you to review and you can also listen to the recording if you visit HERE, just sign up to access the content. 

In this digitally-driven world, Rebecca believes that physical connection in business is critically important to maintain relationships with clients, suppliers, team mates, etc; we get lost behind our screens and mute buttons. By always interacting virtually with one another, we lose that chemistry opportunity and ability to ‘read a room’. In-person, even once a month or even quarter is essential, she says. 

In this talk Rebecca unpacks how to build your network as a business owner both on and offline, as well as shares why it is key to have a clear personal brand to help build your reputation in the media and via your own channels to cultivate your reputation and help you network. 


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