Cultivate | TOPS at SPAR Wine Show 2016 in Jozi, Durban and PE
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TOPS at SPAR Wine Show 2016 in Jozi, Durban and PE


After successfully working with The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show team to promote the national show among media and influencers during 2014 and 2015, we were retained for the third consecutive time for its 2016 event. With a larger line-up – Pretoria had been added to the national tour – we were tasked to generate interest and secure attendance to four shows in Jozi, Durbs, PE and Pretoria between May and September and position the show as the go-to for wine fans of all ilk and age.




While the show’s format is the same in each region, the community who attend are not. We thus approached each region independently and created tailored campaigns that identified the key insight per region e.g. books are big in PE and wors in PTA! and packaged our campaign around it. Armed with our story hooks, we worked with key influencers – including regular Instagrammers and more established bloggers – as well as on and offline media to help us spread the word in the lead-up to each event.


To amplify the show’s concept of “The Greatest Show Unearthed” we also created a special 2016 Vintage of Red & White bottles that featured the advertising campaign’s 7 characters on our “limited release” wine labels. These, along with a special “Golden Ticket” to the show, were given to VIPS in each region as both an invite, keepsake and information pack.


Each region performed well although arguably the most successful was PE’s Book & Wine Pairing pop-up. Together with Fogarty’s speciality book store, we paired the top ten new and classic book releases with complementary wine varietals and invited PE’s avid book community to a special pairing at the book store one week pre show. This generated plenty of social and media buzz and allowed us to connect with an active wine-loving community in PE in the lead-up to the event.




Through our integrated efforts that included content creation, social media amplification, influencer partnerships and media relations, we generated 291 pieces of positive exposure across channel, increased our AVE by 65% to R7,6-million 1:1, generated 207 pieces of earned social media exposure and most importantly, sold 55,417 bottles of wine.